Welcome to the world of Elenore Milano

Elenore Milano,
where elegance, luxury, and sustainability converge.
With precious materials and a unique aesthetic,
we tread every step with an eco-friendly footprint.

Explore our collection of ethereal fashion,
where each garment is a poem, an extraordinary vision.
Among scarves, cover-ups, ties, and accessories,
sustainability shines brilliantly and tangibly.

Each piece is born from mastery and infinite love,
crafted by skilled artisans who appreciate authentic value.
Supreme quality and an ethos that guides the path,
for a style that is confident, sublime, and divine.

Choose our products, adorned with light and skin care,
display a unique and faithful elegance.
We stand resolutely for the environment,
in sustainable fashion, a surprising and absolute dream.

Welcome to the poetic world of Elenore Milano,
where fashion embraces the earth with passion and zeal.
An extraordinary blend of style and responsibility,
in a dance of beauty, sustainability, and creativity.

Sara Sormani

Fashion Model

The name Elenore as a brand means “Ray of Sun, Splendid Light.”

All our products, of the highest quality and refined design, are exclusive.

Collaborations with the finest and most prominent manufacturers of Como silk, such as Larioseta, allow us to guarantee the origin of our products: 100% Made in Italy.

Starting from the selection of raw materials typical of Made in Italy, Elenore Milano products embody a successful blend of craftsmanship, modernity, and innovation.

What we aim to create is an emotion through our products: they are designed for those who appreciate high-end clothing without compromising on comfort, and this emotion is also conveyed through our representation.

SUSTAINABILITY - We exclusively use environmentally friendly materials.
ETHICS - Our productions adhere to all labor standards.
TRANSPARENCY - Our pricing policy enables you to choose your product with full awareness.
Our story

Elenore’s story begins in 1901, thanks to a silk expert, the grandfather of the current owners. The company was initially involved in silk trade between Asia and Europe, and later specialized in the production and sale of silk ties, scarves, and accessories. In 2019, the company was reborn in Milan and has since become a destination for elegant clothing made with exquisite fabrics for both men and women.

The brand has established partnerships with top silk manufacturers to ensure the highest quality.

Como, the chic capital of silk.

Since the 12th century, Italy has been the largest silk producer in Europe.

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